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Friday June 27th 8pm-11pm: Matt Carr’s work is up!

  This is what Matt has to say: I’m a portrait photographer, so when I was commissioned by England’s National Farmers’ Union to photograph rare breed animals I attempted to work in my usual way – eye to eye, allowing the subject in the photograph to stare right back at the viewer. Say what you […]

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gothamist top 10 coffee shops nyc

http://gothamist.com/2014/03/12/best_coffee_shops_nyc.php    Steeplechase is on here….

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Reusable coffee sleeves by Tree Sleeves

Steeplechase is working every day to minimize our paper and plastic waste. Too many unnecessary disposable products going into the garbage. Lots of that made from trees or materials that are not biodegradable. We have done away with the 8 oz coffee to cut down on this waste. We have removed the disposable coffee sleeves […]

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How “green” is the Greenware we are using?

While I was outside the shop the other day I noticed our friend Alyson left with a cold brew with no top on it. I asked her why she wasn’t using a top and she told me she wanted to avoid using any extra plastic that wasn’t necessary. I thought that telling her our cold […]

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every bit counts…

I thought we should let our friends and neighbors know a little bit about some programs we are implementing to offset the impact on the environment that a retail business most certainly creates.   Although you don’t see as many cold cups leaving our shop because the weather dictates so, Steeplechase is now using only […]

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New press for Steeplechase!

A kind coffee lover, Chermelle Edwards, has something to say about Steeplechase in the Park Slope Reader…check it out! http://www.psreader.com/issue/issue-39/coffee-culture/the-local-grind/

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home pour over rigs

How do people get addicted to a piece of equipment and a specific style of coffee brewing? In the home there seems to be a ritualistic way for everyone to make coffee that is very personal and habitual. Although Grandma Coan has many, many pour over rigs, she will only use one specific piece to […]

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photoshop humor

I don’t know why I am posting this. Most of you may not know who the featured folks are in this picture of Steeplechase. Our friend and photographer, Alex Darsey, just sent this over. It’s an aerial shot of the shop with two guest baristas. One has been competing in hot dog eating contests lately […]

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Did Steeplechase cure their hangover?

I believe that Steeplechase cured the hangover of both my sister and my friend Chane. Through decaf Americanos, pots of herbal tea, almond twinkies and bagels with cream cheese, they came in a little rough around the edges and left chipper and hydrated. They refused to remove their sunglasses during their visit but I believe […]

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