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home pour over rigs

How do people get addicted to a piece of equipment and a specific style of coffee brewing? In the home there seems to be a ritualistic way for everyone to make coffee that is very personal and habitual. Although Grandma Coan has many, many pour over rigs, she will only use one specific piece to make her coffee. She will also grind her own beans while wearing a fleece hat that covers her ears, the noise of the blades and motor bother her. I tried to get my sister to get a picture of Grandma Coan in action but GC was not interested. She has never heard of “pour over” nor does she care to discuss it. This is simply how she makes her coffee. A fresh cup every time. She also keeps tea in a Blarney tin, if I remember correctly, and every time you make a cup of tea at her house she places a miniature tea pot shaped plate on the table; this plate is to dispose of your tea bag.

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  1. nerissa October 6, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    too bad grandpa never got around to fashioning that special sound-proof housing for the grinder…

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