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Our Coffee

Steeplechase is carrying these Brooklyn Roasting Company coffees:


Details – Ethiopia Yirgecheffe and Sumatra Gayo
Tasting Notes – Medium roasted Ethiopian Yirgecheffe beans blended with earthy, chocolately Gayo Mountain Sumatran coffee creates our take on the world’s original coffee blend: Mocha Java.  Ripe berry notes compliment deep earthy chocolately flavors.


Details- Guji Farm, Oromia Cooperative (one of the largest cooperatives in the world supporting 180,080 coffee growing households)
Tasting Notes – Deep blueberry and rich milk chocolate characteristics

Details-A connoisseur quality blend of three distinctive beans (from Peru, Sumatra & Ethiopia) roasted together in very small batches.  The result is softly spicy with a bright, lingering sweetness in the flavor and finish.

Brooklyn Roasting Company buys, roasts and sells superb coffees from the world’s most renowned growing regions.  They favor certified coffees (Fair Trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance) and coffees from small farms over conventional coffees or large landowner “estate” coffees. They believe coffee quality and quality of life are inseparable.

BRC’s commitment to “green” goes beyond how they source their ingredient coffee: they drive biodiesel fueled VW delivery vans, service their wholesale accounts on cargo bikes and roast their coffees on an extremely efficient Loring Kestrel Smart Roaster.

Brooklyn Roasting aims to reestablish Brooklyn as the coffee roasting capitol of the United States.  The factory in DUMBO was once a part of the legendary Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company.  They’re proud of Brooklyn’s coffee history and intend to make a little more of it themselves.


Our Food

Steeplechase carries a variety of pastry from Balthazar Bakery and Amy’s Bread.  We have recently begun carrying doughnuts from The Doughnut Plant! Come in to check out our daily selection.